Pat McGrath: Couture Collectable Duo


Pat McGrath is launching the Couture Collectable Lipstick Duo on Tuesday, 2.06! This lipstick duo includes two NEW Matte Trance shades in Omi & Elson. The names are pretty unique, just like these lippies! Omi is the beautiful bold mid-tone rose shade and Elson is a pinkish shade with a blue undertone. This beautiful duo is going to be available exclusively at Sephora. Our guess is these will be the same price as the regular Matte Trances which are $38 – YIKES!



That is one HEFTYYYYY price tag! Like yes, we get it, Pat McGrath products are hella boujie but DANG, almost $40 for a lipstick?! Valentine’s day is obv the inspiration for these pink/rose shades so, of course, the packaging has got to fit the theme – these luxe lippies are encased in a limited edition red bullet. You know that’s where a big part of the cost is going, am I right?! As beautiful as these shades are, can they really be all that much different than the millions of other reds and pinks we see everyday?! Sure, blue-toned reds are BOMB (they make your teeth look SO white!) but they’re also a dime a dozen. I probably have like, 6 in my personal collection. I mean, they definitely don’t have this luxurious packaging but I mean… they get the job done. We don’t have swatches yet but once we do, we will totally share them with you! Make sure to subscribe below to join the FOMOfam email list to keep updated!



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