Sugarpill X Little Twin Stars


It’s a day of collab posts here at MakeupFOMO – we’ve got another one for you! Sugarpill is launching a collab with Little Twin Stars on Thursday, 2.01! The collab features a Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette ($38), and a Liquid Lip Duo ($36).  Eeeeep, limited edition! That probably means you need this, right?! You can also get the complete collection which includes a makeup bag for $79. Oh, you’re probably wondering what Little Twins Stars is, huh? They’re Japanese anime characters! I think they’re actually so adorable! We are also loving the uniqueness of this collaboration – it isn’t everyday we see cosmetics team up with fictional anime figures but we love it!



Was your first thought that it’s a bit strange that the eyeshadow palette only has 6 shades?? Me, too! But it turns out, these can also double as highlighters! I mean, MOST of them can double as highlighters… we are thinking the teal blue may be out of the running for that position but the others would be STUNNING on the eyes AND the cheeks! Dream Dust Cloud Maker are absolutely stealing the show for me! As for the liquid lipsticks – they’re a bit out there (swatched below). They look to be a satin finish and definitely complement the eyeshadow palette perfectly! But are they everyone’s (or even most people’s) cup of tea? No no nooooooo. But they fit the theme and that’s what it’s all about! If you do end up springing for the entire collection, you’ll receive the eyeshadow palette, the lipsticks and the makeup bag in a collectible, keepsake box that can be repurposed to store these or any of your other favorite makeup items! And, per usual, these babies are vegan and cruelty-free! Yay!



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