Juvia's Place: Festival Palette


Feast your eyes on the newest beauty to emerge from the incredible Juvia’s PlaceJP is releasing their new Festival Eyeshadow Palette on Thursday, 2.15! As our regular readers definitely know by now, we are HUGE fans of Juvia’s Place (check out our Juvia’s Place Palette Series on our YouTube channel!) sooooooooo you already know we will be picking this up IMMEDIATELY. Unfortunately, despite being MakeupFOMO, we sometimes end up with makeup fomo and, sadly, we missed the pre-sale. But then again, so did most people – this thing sold out SOOOO quick! I mean, to be expected but still… This new beauty includes 9 shades and will cost $21.50.



We know we don’t even need to say it but we are going to – these shades are freaking breathtaking! This Festival palette seriously is a partayyyyyy! It was inspired by African festivities; the colors represent joy, celebration and happiness (they totally make us feel joyous and celebratory and happy, am I right?!) The names are also African inspired, per usual, but this time from the Igbo Tribe of West Africa. We sooooooo love the theme JP has stuck to. Every palette is so unique! The daring and bold colors in this particular truly embody but Juvia’s Place is all about.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I seriously do not know how Juvia’s continue to produce such unique, inspiring yet completely cohesive color stories. Seriously. It is unreal. Despite how daunting the shades may seem, I ALWAYS end up with countless looks that are fun and wearable! As mentioned above, we are crazy JP addicts – no joke. I have every palette they’ve ever made so, of course, this one will join the family too and I know I will fall in love! The warm reds and oranges are right up my ally, but I’m really eyeing Oro and Aba and Odogeu. My hear is just swooning!



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