Nude Stix: Rock N Roller Metallic Eyeliner


Ahhhhh, peep this NEW brand we haven’t posted about before! We get so excited to bring you guys new companies to check out! Nude Stix is launching their new Rock N Roller Metallic Liquid Eyeliner on Tuesday, 1.23! This liquid eyeliner comes in three shades: Black Moon, Bronze Patina, & Golden Rosé. But this is not just your typical eyeliner – it’s rollerball style! Or pizza-cutter style, as it may be better known as. It’s also got a sick handle that’s ergonomically designed to be super intuitive to hold and handle, giving you the control you need for those perfect wings! It’s also formulated to be not only bold and metallic but also suuuuuuper long wearing – like 24 hours long-wearing! We aren’t so sure how we feel about these shades, though. The black looks CRAZY black, which we love(!), but we’re kinda thinking most of us are into a matte liner look, am I right? Also, how often do any of us use a cooper or rose gold liner? Hmmm… I sure can’t remember the last time I did. For us, these are probably a pass but they may be your cup of tea! Oh, and for you tree-huggers out there, this is also vegan and cruelty free!



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