Colourpop: Give It To Me Straight & In Nude Endo Palettes


Colourpop, is launching TWO new palettes: Give It To Me Straight & In-Nude-Endo on Thursday, 1.25 @ 10 am PST/1 pm EST! Give It To Me Straight (pictured above) is an eyeshadow palette and In-Nude-Endo is a highlight palette. CP is known for literally churning out new releases at record-breaking speed and we kinda love it but also we kinda can’t always keep up. We are thankful so far this year that they have slowed things down a bit – it makes us even more excited for new beauties like these!

Give It To Me Straight is absolutely gorgeous! They are the kinds of shades we all use sooooo much but for that reason, they’re also the shades we all already have… in a ton of palettes. I feel like this one hardly looks any different than some of the other palettes CP has launched. To be frank, when I first saw this, I didn’t even think it was a new launch because it just looks so similar to so many previous Colourpop palettes. But as I was really looking into it and analyzing each shade, I totally got Tarte Maneater vibes! This obviously has more shades than the Tarte palette, but the shades that ARE in Maneater are totally here, too! The shades don’t all look totally identical, but it sure is pretty darn close. I compared swatches and there is basically a similar shade in this palette for every shade in the Maneater palette aside from just a few. I have noooooo idea if this was intentional in anyway (it’s not like the Maneater palette is anything crazy unique) but it’s just some food for thought.



As for the highlighter palette – we can kind of take it or leave it. I mean, these highlight shades are actual perfection and literally everything I would ever want in a highlight palette but I’m also pretty sure I have all of these shades either individually or in the various highlight palettes that I currently own. I do think this has a fabulous selection of shades, though. This definitely seems like it will work best for medium skin tones with the warm bronzey tones sprinkled throughout. However, the light highlights would be soooo universally flattering! Ugh, we know we don’t need any more highlighters but a palette as well-rounded as this is just a little hard to pass up.



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