Natasha Denona: Diamond & Blush Palettes


Hang on to your wallets! Natasha Denona is launching her new Diamond & Blush Palettes Tuesday, 1.16! There will be two palettes released – Citrus and Darya. Both will initially be available at ND’s own website and then at Sephora and Beautylish for $89! Yes, $89… catch your breath. Can you say you’re surprised about the hefty price tag?? We sure aren’t. We are guessing the fact that these contain crushed crystals in them may have something to do with that?



Each palette includes 6 shades – there is a “diamond” column, a “blush” column and a “glow” column. These babies, while suuuuuper pricey, sure are lovely. They are intense shimmers that contain not only those crushed crystals we mentioned, but also pearl AND diamond powders! How luxurious can this get?? This added bling creates an extreme glow (diamond-like, get it??) for a bold pop of highlight.  The palette is not only gorgeous but also versatile – the top  row contains all creams and the bottom row is all powders. There’s even a handy little cover over the creams to keep the powders from getting mixed in (we can see where some of that $89 is going, am I right?) The finishes of the creams and powders are different, of course, which is what makes this palette so useful! Whether you prefer creams or powders or love them both, this is universally appealing! We are personally kind of over the highlight palette scene at this stage in the game but we do know there are some die-hard Natasha Deanna fans out there – are you one of them??



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