This may not be our very first video of 2018 (sorry this is coming at you a little late! but it’s also kind of never too late to talk favorites, am I right??) but we still can’t even believe it’s 2018! This was absolutely 100% my favorite year of life so far! And my makeup collection surely grew (maybe too much…) this year, as well! 2017 was our first full year of MakeupFOMO and we seriously loved everything about it! I even started posting these videos in 2017 and realized how much I LOVE doing that, too! Here in this video, I show you some of my absolute favorite beauty products – but because I challenged myself to only mention ONE item per category, there were TONS of favorites that didn’t make the cut that I still love SO SO much and couldn’t live without. Hopefully this year, I can bring you guys more videos using more items in my collection that I am obsessed with so that they get some mention, too! Did I mention any of YOUR favorites here?? Or, if not, what were some of the products you could not put down in 2017?? Let me know in the comments below! I LOVE to hear your feedback! Please share your thoughts below & subscribe if you’d like – I’d LOVE it so much! 🙂

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