Morphe: Grand Glam Palette


Morphe is coming HOT into 2018! They’re releasing their new 24G: Grand Glam Palette Wednesday, 1.16! The palette features, you guessed it, 24 shades and will retail for only $29! It truly is a glam palette – we are like, mesmerized. We can’t take our eyes off of it! This is something very different for Morphe and we are here for it!



As you probably noticed literally right away, the pan sizes in this beauty are HUGE! They’re actually 2.2 times the size of their regular pans, to be exact. It sorta gives me Juvia’s Place vibes a bit, right?? I mean, that’s one of the things that I absolutely love about JP – their massive palettes and huge pan sizes! That’s kind of what set’s them apart. But Morphe has totally caught on and they have got our full support! There is just something about extra large pan sizes that makes a palette just that much more appealing to me. You KNOW you never have to worry about running out of any of the shades and honestly, I just love the aesthetic. Plus, the shades here totally make the aesthetic even MORE irresistible! There’s a combination of warm & cool tones, plus some gorgeous shimmers & metallics! We are so into the pops of pink, too! I’m totally seeing some of them working as blushes, too! Especially considering how big the pans are. How 2018, am I right?? We are actually just totally into ALL of the rebranding/repackaging that Morphe has done recently. They’re definitely stepping into the new year hotter than they left the last one and we cannot wait to see what else they have coming for us!



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