Kat Von D: Basket Case Eye Liner


Teenage us would be dying with excitement right now… Kat Von D is launching a limited edition collab with Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day! WHAT?! They are launching Basket Case Anti-Precision Eye Liner on Friday 1.05! This collab will be available at both Sephora and on Kat Von D‘s website for $19! We are loving that KVD is stepping out of the normal collab framework to team up with a vocalist from such a big-time band! Plus, it isn’t everyday that we see straight guys team up with a cosmetics brand for a launch, am I right?? We are so into this! Go KVD for breaking the mold – not that that’s anything new for her.



In case you’re unfamiliar (and live in a rabbit hole), Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead vocalist & a songwriter in the band Green Day and is known for his super heavy, smudged eyeliner. Hence, the eyeliner collab. Freaking brilliant. The whole idea of the launch is that the new liner is for EVERYONE! Guys & girls, straight & not, amazing vocalists & secret shower singers – this is for YOU! It’s retractable and seriously oversized to allow for that super thick, bold liner look. There’s even a built-in sharpener which we always LOVE! There’s nothing more convenient than that. Any performer that wears heavy eye makeup will tell you it needs to last – so that’s what this one has totally got going on! It’s long wearing and super pigmented so it won’t fade and will keep it’s color! But it’s still smudgeable (a requirement, obv) so you can achieve that perfectly imperfect goth eye look. Plus, it’s 100% vegan and cruelty free, of course!



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