Kylie Cosmetics: Silver Series Brush Collection


You knew this was coming – the hot new item to hate on! – the infamous NEW Kylie Cosmetics launch! Kylie is launching a number of new items on Wednesday, 12.13, one of which is her new Silver Series Brush Collection. The total collection includes 16 different brushes. And, in case you haven’t heard the controversy yet, well… you might want to take a seat. The entire collection will cost $360. Ummm, yes. Weird, right? Like, how? And why?? We aren’t the only ones totally questioning this – social media have blown up over the announcement of these bristley babies.



Even Jeffree Star threw some serious shade at Kylie on SnapChat last night. It was freaking hilarious. But he’s not wrong! The brushes don’t even look that nice in the promo photo below, right?? They look all kinds of wonky and out of shape. And these are just soooooooo not anything special! Like I said in our last post which also happened to be about a brush set (but one that’s WAY cheaper, click here to check that out) – brush sets are a dime a damn dozen. And we are over it. And we are certainly over a $360 set. If you are interested in purchasing any alone, you’re still screwed. The Large Powder Brush alone is a whopping $48. I’m just not sure who or what Kylie thinks this is but girl, this ain’t that! We aren’t one to wish ill but I really do hope no one buys these. Really. Because this is just getting ridiculous. I promise you can live without these. Save your $360 and get a ton of cheese fries instead.



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