Too Faced: Diamond Highlighter


Too Faced is launching their new Diamond Highlighter on Friday 12.8! And we alllllll know, diamonds are a girls best friend… as are highlighters. So, this is a must, right?! The highlighter will be $34 (steeeeeeeep!) but maybe that’s because it’s infused with real crushed diamond powder! DANG! That is luxurious for real. We are sensing a theme here (their Chocolate Gold Bar Palette is infused with real gold, too!) And the theme is REAL! This and the Gold Bar Palette are part of  Too Faced’s #ChocolateGold collection! BOTH ARE LIMITED EDITION so make sure to get them while they’re hot! The highlighter will be available on the Too Faced website, Sephora, & Ulta!



You cannot deny, this is a looker. Like, we can’t take our eyes off of it! The crushed diamonds PLUS the light-reflecting pearls within the formula must be why – this is crazyyyy blinding! In the best way, of course. Apparently, each highlighter is hand poured so every single one is unique! That is super cool but totally one of the reasons this is crazy expensive. It’s also like, massive, so that is likely another contributor. You are literally NEVER going to use this up. Back ups will not be necessary, On the face, the look is UNREAL. It’s clearly mostly a light pale gold but seems to have a pink shift in some light. It’s intended to resemble the diamond fire flow of real diamonds when in their original, pure form… damn. Okay. We like the sound of that. It’s definitely inherently hella bold but can be worn more subtly if applied with a light hand – you can also go hard and build it up for your perfect customized look! You can obviously even us it on your eyes or body if you wanted to be suuuuuuper sure you got the most bang for your buck! We love that kind of versatility in a product! We all have a ton of highlighters by now – is this a must have?? Let us know what you think!


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