e.l.f: Jewel Pop Mad for Matte Palette

e.l.f Cosmetics launched a new version in they Mad for Matte collection called Jewel Pop today, 12.05! We were so so in love with the Smokey Mad for Matte palette (we even did a video on it!) and we also ADORE the Mad for Matte 2! The palette is $10, per usual, which is a freaking steal! Especially considering we know the quality is there in terms of color payoff, formula, staying powder & blendability.

It’s available on elf’s website but will make it’s way into elf stores soon! The shade selection in this one is unlike any of the other 3 palettes in this line and we LOVE that! This one is bringing it. Although it’s totally bold and bright, we are not daunted! It isn’t one of those colorful palettes that scares you away or turns you off, ya know?? I’m not sure how they did it, but elf made this crazy fun palette seem totally friendly! The first few shades are a bit more simple and easy to get down with. But after that, it’s purely party. The shades are soooooo perfectly curated to complement each other perfectly! We are so seriously eyeing that middle berry shade and you know we NEED to get our hands on that green! Like what?! And that black is just necessary so we need to say thank you for that. This palette is versatile enough to be your winter palette or your fall palette or your summer/spring palette – there is a look here for every season. That is RARE, my friends. It is so refreshing to see a palette that is actually different; one that makes you stop for a second. That’s why you know we will have this in our hands as soon as possible! Would you like to see a video on it once we do?! Let us know!



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