Dose of Colors: Sassy Siennas & Blushing Berries


Oooooh snap, we have got warm AND cool tones coming at us – finally! We are sooooo ready for some cool shades over here @ MakeupFOMO! Dose of Colors is releasing two NEW eyeshadow palettes in Sassy SiennasBlushing Berries on Saturday, 12.9! On the same day they are also releasing two new liquid lipsticks in Sweet N’ Sassy & Talk Is Chic! Each of the eyeshadow palettes feature 5 shades for $32 & the liquid lipsticks will be $18 each.



These lip shades look soooo freaking luscious & pigmented (Sweet N’ Sassy is like, wayyyyyy too orange for me, though, personally. And is it just me or is that name just kind of not good? It makes me think of kids makeup or something… don’t you think?) but you already KNOW the eyeshadow palettes are the star of this show! Sassy Sienna isn’t really knocking my fuzzy socks off, though. It’s really a lot like all of the other warm-toned orangey palettes that we’ve seen this year. Don’t get me wrong, though, it’s gorgeous and the colors are super cohesive but I definitely don’t think it’s anything my collection doesn’t already include a ton of. I’m lookin at Blushing Berries. Cool tones are totally taking over, am I right?! I’m totally predicting that to be the hot new trend of 2018 – you heard it here first, people! The color theory here is just perfect – the light peachy pink is just muted enough to be the best friend transition shade every palette needs, the medium burgundy is so on trend, that middle shade is clearly the leader of the pack with it’s deep berry tones, the smokey purpleish brown is SOOO unique and the black is, of course, necessary. It’s tough to tell but it looks as though the finishes here range from matte to just subtly satin, definitely nothing with much shimmer. These are totally going to be up sooo many peoples’s alley and totally perfect for gifting! But keep in mind, you’re paying $7 per shadow here so it’s certainly not the best value out there but the color selection is SO STUNNING that it may make it still totally worth it!



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