Kathleen Lights X Colourpop: Dream Collection


OH my GOSH you guys!!!!!! Kathleen Lights is releasing ANOTHER collab with Colourpop!! We die every time – we cannot get enough Kathleen collabs! This newest one is called the Dream Collection and will be available tomorrow 12.01 at 10 am PST/1 pm EST! The collection includes Dream St. (a 12 shade eyeshadow palette for $16) and Dream Team (a lippie trio for $18 that features two Ultra Satin lips and one Ultra Glossy). We are all about themed collections, especially this one! You have got to watch the video linked above – it’s a bit long but Kathleen outlines every little detail of the collab and even gets a little emotional (can you blame her?!). We just love how real she is and how much heart she puts into her collabs. What we love even more? That her collabs are AFFORDABLE! CP is in everyone’s budget! Does it get any better than that??



Kathleen created this line to include all of her DREAM shades – from eyeshadows to lippies! The Dream Street palette just speaks for itself and screams at me like “you neeeeeeeed me!” Know what I mean?? How unique are these shades?? The selection is bit unexpected but we think it’s still totally cohesive. There is a perfect balance of transition shades, matte deep shades, shimmery highlights and pops of color! Seriously, a little bit of everything! And, I mean, for $16, how can you go wrong?! Kathleen is going to be posting a TON of tutorials on her channel featuring this palette to give us all the inspo we need!

The lip shades are going to complement this palette just perfectly! *SPOILER ALERT* the hot orangey red called Rever means “dream” in french, just like how Lumiere (her first EVER collab) meant “light” in french. Things really have come full circle, you see? Kathleen is known for her love of the orange red shades so it is noooo surprise she created her DREAM shade for this collection! This is a bold shade but it’s totally one that can be worn all year round and will work with literally every single skin tone. Dreamy, on the other hand, doesn’t get us too excited. It isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, ya know? We can probably pass on that one. And, lastly, we have Moonchild. This is going to the the PERFECT nude gloss. It’s not too warm or too cool and it is has just the right amount of pigment! This one, of course, is an Ultra Glossy lip (love!) while the other two shades are Ultra Satin’s (love even MORE!). These will be sold in the trio but also individually if you’re just looking to grab one or two. It’s going to be hard to resist getting at least one, though, because PEEP THE PACKAGING! It’s the first time Kathleen has gotten to design her own packaging for her collab! Usually, her creations just come in the standard ColourPop tubes but we are taking things to the next level this time around. I mean, I think we all have a hard time resisting CP in general, though, am I right?? Which items do you need?! I’m thinking the palette and probably Rever – you guys know me. I’m a sucker for YouTube collabs, especially Kathleen’s. And I’m not sorry for it.

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