Juvia's Place: Douce Palette


You already know we are FREAKING OUT! Juvia’s Place is releasing their NEW (and long awaited) Douce Palette  on Monday 11.27! The new eyeshadow palette includes 9 shades in Chocolat, Tart, Creme, Macarons, Custard, Puffs, Berry Mousse, Mont Blant, & Crepes. Ahhh, aren’t you just craving ALL the sweets right now?? These shades included are a mix of metallic & matte shades. We’ve written A TON and have also done quite a few videos on a number of Juvia’s place eyeshadow palettes (Zulu Palette, Nubian, Saharan II) (peep them if you are curious or just obsessed like us) so we know you know but we are IN LOVE with JP. We can never get enough.

These shades have seriously got us feeling some type of way – they are freaking PERFECT. I say it every time but I will say it again since it’s like, tradition now – how does Juvia’s Place do it?! I NEED TO KNOW! Every single palette is so totally unique and different – not only from their previous palettes, but from like, ALL palettes. I know you’re like me where you see a new palette release and 80% of the time you’re like, “eh, I’ve seen it before.” Right? But that is NEVER EVER the case with JP. We have NEVER seen it before. Which is why, as any of you that watch our videos know, we collect Juvia’s Place palettes (as in, we get them ALL) because they are just flawless in every single way.



This one stands out because it is just so soft! It’s sooooooo not your traditional fall/winter palette theme, am I right?! But we LOVE that about it! The minty green & the soft pink look like an amazing pair! Plus that gray shimmer shade in the bottom row is so so unique, I NEED to touch it. This palette is also super balances – 4 shimmers & 5 mattes. It may seem a slightly odd color scheme at first but I can think of endless looks to do with this palette. Even though they’re only 9 pan palettes, JP finds a way to choose shades that are so complimentary! So, needless to say, we WILL be getting this one, obv. Will you??



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