BH Cosmetics X ItsMyRayeRaye


Ohhhh snap, another COLLAB! We just love collabs. This time it’s BH Cosmetics – they’re launching a new collab with Raye Boyce (@ItsMyRayeRaye) on Friday, 11.17! The full collection features a Highlighter/Contour/Eyeshadow Palette combo ($22.50) and a 9 piece Brush Kit ($24.50)! In case you didn’t know, Rate Boyce is a HUGE YouTuber! She’s got 1.7 million subscribers as of this post and she SLAYS the makeup game. Plus she’s so pretty & funny. We love seeing YouTubers get to this level of success!



Okay so we obv need to discuss this palette because it is B-A-N-A-N-A-S bananas. It’s a 3 part palette featuring eyeshadows and then highlighter and then contour powders – all for $22.50! What whattttt?! We love BH for this exact reason. They go hard in the paint but not in the price tag. The packaging is a stunning deep peachy blush tone with rose gold accents all over it! The eyeshadow portion includes 15 shades. From what I can tell, it looks like 10 of them are matte and 5 are shimmery – keep that in mind! If you love matte shades, you are going to flip over this! The top row is totally neutral, everyday shades for that perfect everyday look. The second row includes a bit more variety with the warm brown, the hot red, the plum purple and that gorgeous deep purple. And, of course, the bottom row is giving us life with the stunning shimmers! There are only a million different looks you could do with this combination of shades, right?! Plus, the BH formula is absolutely amazing so you can definitely depend on these.

The highlighter shades feature a light white, a champagne pink and a deeper rose gold tone while the contour shades include a super light shade, a medium cool tone and a deep almost red-toned shade. Clearly, Raye had everyone in mind when coming up with this combo! We love that when it comest to both the highlighters and the contours, you have something perfectly suited for the super fair, the medium and the deep skin tones! For those that feel like certain tones may not work for their skin shade, IT IS ALL GOOD! Girl, you can still use those other shades for eyeshadow! Feel me?! Plus, at $22.50, you CANNOT, repeat CANNOT, go wrong. BH never disappoints (in my opinion) and the value here is just TOO GOOD! Even if some shades aren’t perfect for you, you still have a ton of other options that are bound to work just right! AND THERE IS A MIRROR. That’s a big deal so I put it in caps.



I don’t have much to contribute when it comes to the brush set only because they look kinda ehh… and don’t get your hopes up about the brush holder because that isn’t included… weird that they have pictures of it but aren’t actually selling it, right? I don’t personally have any BH brushes so I have no experience to share, either. I mean, the pink handle is cute and all but this brush set has been done before a million times so I don’t necessarily think it’s anything to freak out over, ya know? Plus, alot of the brushes look real similar from what I’ve seen so far, so I’m just not sold. Which items do you have your eyes on??



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