Makeup Geek: Flawlessly Ever After


COLLAB ALERT! Makeup Geek is launching their NEW Flawlessly Ever After Collection with new Face Palettes on Thursday, 11.16! There isn’t a ton out on this new collection yet but we do know it’s a crazyyyy 3-way collab with @jkissamakeup @ellarie & @arnell.armon, three AMAZING YouTubers who slay the makeup game! The promo for the collection features all 3 ladies in glitzy glamorous get-up; we are talking crowns, sitting on thrones, drab in hella bougie bling and fur. We CANNOT WAIT to see what else we have coming at us but first, let’s talk about what we do know a little something about.



The face palettes come with four color options ranging from light to deep skin tones. Each palette includes two blush shades, one highlighter, and a contour shade. The palettes will be $38! We are SO into the idea of this – there’s something about the convenience and versatility of face palettes that we cannot resist! They make getting ready in the morning so simple – just grab one palette and top off your base with a quick swipe of contour, blush and highlight all from one place!

We also love the travel-friendliness, too! It’s a bit tricky to tell off the bat which palette will be suited for which skin tones… Unfortunately, not many pictures have been released so far, but we will totally add new pictures as they are revealed! We are so so excited at the concept of this – stay tuned for more info! We’ve got you.



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