JD Glow: Neon Liners


This might just be something you never knew you always needed – JD Glow Cosmetics is releasing some bright, hellaaaa vibrant new Neon Eyeliners on Friday, 11.10 @11 am CST! These colors look soooooo cool under the blacklight! We don’t have any information on pricing or the full range of shades quite yet  but those oranges and greens look sickkkkk!



Okay so you already know what this just about screams: music festival, am I right?! These can, of course, be used not only on the eyes but also all over the face to get you that totally out there look that a festival requires. Plus, the fact that they reflect like crazy in the black light will only make you stand out even more, queen! These are hella pigmented so you won’t need a ton to create an intense look! You can choose from neon blue, neon purple, neon pink, neon orange neon red – in other words, your options are virtually endless! Of course, these are not for everyone – if you don’t have a specific occasion (or choose to rock this bold ass makeup on the daily), you probably wouldn’t get much use out of these. But for my bold bishes out there – this one’s for you.

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