Zoeva: Opulence Collection

No, you’re not having deja vu – Zoeva Cosmetics is launching ANOTHER gorgeous collection, this time called the Opulence Collection, on Monday, 11.06 (tomorrow)! The items in this collection are just about the same as the Offline Collection we recently covered – it includes an eyeshadow palette, a blush palette, and a brush kit with a bag! US pricing hasn’t been released yet but our guess is it’ll be very similar to the last collection at $26.50 for the eyeshadow palette and $16.80 for the blush palette. It’s tough to guess the pricing of the brush kit/bag combo as this one comes with quite a few more brushes than the kit in the Offline Collection so it’ll likely be much more expensive (maybe even as much as $100+!). However, you do get quite an assortment in this collection (a flat top kabuki, a pointed blender, a small domed contour brush, an eyeshadow crease blending brush, a flat shader, a tapered fluffy brush, a smaller smudge brush, an angled brush, a lip brush and a highlight fan brush). We’ve been huge fans of Zoeva’s packaging design (obv) and each new collection they come out with continues to impress us with how sophisticated and clean looking they are! We can’t help but love them!



As with the Offline Collection, the Opulence Collection has a definite theme – we are seeing a burgundy, radish vibe going on here. Of course, as Zoeva does, the eyeshadow palette includes quite a few basic, neutral shades and then the main attraction – the pops of color! Here we have a seriously seriously gorgeous deep red (that totally reminds me of that red in the Manny MUA x MakeupGeek palette, right??), a lovely rusty red shimmer shade and a stunning deep cobalt blue. The Blush Palette is reflective of the eyeshadows, too. That red is like, the blush I’ve been searching my whole life for! I MUST HAVE IT! But what is with the other two shades? I suppose the lightest shade could work as a highlight or a blush topper but what is that center shade intended for, huh?? Unless you are the fairest of the fair, I don’t think that will do a whole lot of anything on the cheek… but for only $16.80, we aren’t too upset that only 2 of the 3 shades are suitable for most of us. We almost love these palettes for the packaging alone! Have you seen exterior packaging more STUNNING?! Even the interior is truly intricately designed. That alone is enough to warrant our stamp of approval.


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