BH Cosmetics: Zodiac Palette


The launch is OUT OF THIS WORLD! (See what I did there??) BH Cosmetics is launching a new palette that’s really got us intrigued! The Zodiac Palette is launching on Monday, 11.13! This palette features baked metallics around the outer circle and matte shadows in the inner circle. As an added bonus, to top it all off, it has a baked highlighter in the middle! On launch day there will be a special price of $19.99, after that it will bump to $22.99. BH Cosmetics very commonly launches new items with a lower promo price that is later bumped up by a few bucks so you have gotta be trigger ready when it goes to live to ensure you lock in the savings! But don’t worry, you needn’t set an alarm. As long as you check your emails daily (we know you do), you’ll be in the know because MakupFOMO has got your back and we will let you know ASAP once this is available! Duh, that’s what we’re here for.



We are suuuuuuper into the whole concept and layout of this palette – BH stays on their creativity game. The baked metallics are, as you can see, indeed metallic. Imagine if you were to get these wet – OMG! They would be killer. The shade selection is also other worldly. It is totally stunning! The balance of wearable shades and highlight tones with pops of greens and blues is just right, don’t you think?! I am seriously drawn to Leo Cancer though, the icy pink and the grayish purple (so unique!). The mattes are INSANELY pigmented! Do you see those?! The matte black looks dark as night which is hard to do but necessary, especially for a palette like this. The matte Leo shade is also breathtaking as are the purple and the creamy transition shades. The looks that can come from this palette are truly limitless. I can already think of like, 23o8572027. And we are never mad about adding another poppin’ highlight to our collection so we appreciate (thank you, BH!) the added bonus in the center. If you are in the market for a truly well-rounded palette, I think you know what to do next.

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