Sigma: Chroma Glow Palette


Sigma Beauty is launching a super psychadelic and beautttiful Chroma Glow Highlighter Palette on Monday, 11.13! The palette includes 6 shimmer shades in Peaceful, Ambrosia, Zeal, Bedazzle, Lush, & Felicity (we adore those names, btw). The pricing hasn’t been released yet but we are guessing it will retail for somewhere around $50 (ugh). Can we take a quick moment for the PR packaging behind the palette?! Insane. Sigma should launch a whole line with that funky design, for real.


We’ve said it before & we’ll say it again – aren’t highlighter palettes like, kinda tired?? Every brand has done one (or more than one) and there are only so many highlight shade options and combinations, ya know? This Chroma Glow palette is totally stunning but also verges on unwearable – for me, I’m not sure Lush or Felicity or Zeal would work for my skin tone. They would be wayyyyyyy to stark. So my fair skinned ladies – would you pay $50 for a palette that you could only use 50% of?? I think not! I mean sure, they could double as eyeshadows but nah, I have eyeshadow palettes for that, ya know? This may be best suited for those with darker skin tones that can pull of the colored shades. I think Sigma tried, but as pretty as this is, I think it falls a bit short. It’s just so far from necessary that it’s like, why bother? Am I crazy?? Do you love this?? Let us know!!



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