Huda Beauty: Obsessions Mini Palettes


Huda Beauty is on a rolllllllll lately! Next, they’re launching four NEW Obsessions Mini Eyeshadow Palettes on Wednesday, 11.01! The palettes are Smokey, Electric, Warm Brown, & Mauve. Each includes 9 shades for $27! They will be first available on the 11.1 at Cult Beauty (free worldwide shipping on orders over €40) and then at Sephora on the 2nd.




We are just living for the idea of these little cuties! We love how compact they are! We totally see these being our new travel palettes, am I right?! The color schemes are beyond perfection. Like, could they be more cohesive?! There is something here for literally everyone. The Electric Obsessions is a party in a palette. Although this is clearly the least wearable, it without a doubt contains the most unique shades. I haven’t seen yellows or greens or teals that bold and brilliant in, like, ever. Of course, Warm Brown Obsessions and Smokey Obsessions are a bit more of your everyday shades – they both are heavy with browns and golds and champagne tones (which like, obv, we LOVE!) You can probably already guess but Mauve Obsessions is my jam! It checks every box for me – a matte cream shade to set the lid with, a mid-toned brown for a transition and then an array of medium to deep shades to allow for SO MUCH versatility! Each row and each column could be it’s own look – right off the bat, that’s 6 completely different looks from one itty bitty palette! Plus, for $27, I think this is the perfect time to get your hands on some Huda Beauty shadows if you’ve been itching to try them but haven’t been sure about forking out the cash. Which one are you getting your hands on?!



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