Storybook: Burn Book Palette


Tell me this is not the MOST heart-warming, nostalgic makeup item you’ve ever seen. I dare you. In case you are not a true Mean Girls fan, let me fill you in – Storybook Cosmetics is launching probablyyyyyy one of our most favorite themed palettes so far, the Burn Book Eyeshadow Palette on Wednesday, 11.01! That’s right – the BURN BOOK! That juicy, horrible book that ignited a whirlwind of drama we couldn’t get enough of (nor could we get enough of Aaron Samuels… but that’s for another post). The exact price hasn’t been released but Storybook says to anticipate it costing at least $55 + shipping.



The shades are Is Butter a Carb, Grool, Glen Coco, So Fetch, Wednesday, She Doesn’t Even Go Here, The Plastics, Regina George, Mouse…Duh, You Can’t Sit With Us, Cool Mom, & October 3rd. Again, true MG fans will know ALL of these references. That’s truly what makes this palette so irresistible! Each shade name brings you back to the specific scene it references, which bring you back to the time and the place and the people you watched it with and, oooooh, we just love that! Especially when it’s our makeup that gives us the feels, know what I mean?? Plus, the packaging is WAY too good! It’s literally perfect in every way. What we aren’t totally obsessed with is every single shade here. Most of these are going to be so perfect for daily use – especially that medium cool brown, the light shimmers and even that peachy coral. But the blue and the yellow and the lime green? I don’t think, for me, those would get much love. When you do the math, that at least a quarter of this palette that I probably wouldn’t touch… is it still worth over $60 (after shipping and all) for only three quarters of a palette? That’s a tough one. I see this as, more than anything, a collectors item. It will be such an adorable item to display or just to have for memories’ sake. But for actually everyday use, I’m a bit on the fence. What do you think?!


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