Zoeva: Offline Collection


Zoeva Cosmetics is releasing their new Offline Collection TODAY, Monday, 10.30! The LIMITED EDITION collection consists of a Blush Palette, an Eyeshadow Palette, & a new Mint Metallic makeup bag and a brush set. The Blush Palette includes three huge shades while the eyeshadow palette features with 10 shades. The Eyeshadow Palette will retail for $26.50 & the Blush Palette is retailing $16.80. The brush set $45.50 and consists of 4 brushes in total, a blender, a powder brush, a shader and a pencil brush – but the mint bag is probably the cutest part of the set, am I right?!



The eyeshadow palette features the shades Ring Ring Ring, No Connection, Pause, Unavailable, 404, Contact, Human After All, On/Off, Unavailable, Pasithea, & Interpersonal. Although Zoeva isn’t the most accessible brand to us in the US, those that do get to try it seriously LOVE it! We have heard nothing but good things about the eyeshadow formula and quality. This palette is particularly stunning – is your eye not immediately drawn to that deep red and the cool purple?! The top row, however, is a bit bland. I wish there was a bit more diversity there, right? The bottom row, though, is giving this palette life!


The shades of the blush palette totally vibe with the eyeshadow tones! The shades included are Calm Comfort, Privacy, & Holistic Balance. Like the eyeshadow palette, these cheek colors range from bland and basic (like that top row I don’t love) to purpley and red (like the shades in the bottom row that I’m head-over-heels for)! These shades are MADE for the eyeshadow palette – don’t you love when you can match your eyes and your cheeks?? Ugh, we sure do.



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