Micki Song: New Lipstick Shades

Have you guys heard of this brand before?? Micki Song Cosmetics is all new to us, too! And we LOVE that! We get so excited to introduce you lovelies to indie brands you may not know much about! On Friday, 10.27 @ 10 am EST, they are releasing three new fall lipstick shades in Clove, Cozy & Ginger. Our guess is they will cost between $13-$14 each which appears to be the standard lipstick price for Micki.

These lippies just scream FALL, am I right? We love the tones & the finish! Clove is definitely the boldest – it’s a very deep. pigmented warm brown. Ginger fall in the middle of the range – its also super warm but its a big more subdued. Cozy is definitely looking my way – its a light pinkish brown nude (although it looks a bit darker in the arm swatch above than the lip photo at the top of this post). These are easily the trendiest shades of the season – they are just IN! The Micki Song formula is said to glide on super smooth with full pigmentation for all day wear! These specific new lippies appear to be in a satin finish (which we are SO into right now, the matte thing is just too uncomfortable on my face). Additionally, for those who are wondering, MS products are cruelty free, paragon free and gluten free!

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