Starting Your Own Makeup Blog | How To Begin (Frugal Edition)

So at this stage we assume you’ve made the decision to start your own blog and get moving! Since this is the Frugal Edition of how to begin we will come at it from the angle of spending as little money as possible. Here is our power ranking of the blogging platforms to use, that are free!

1. (which is different from is by-far our number one choice. Reason being, this is the most robust blogging platform that will allow you a ton more flexibility around your website if you decide to take it to the next level some time in the future. Overall it’s a really diverse platform too with tons of free themes being made all the time. Only downside is that it is a bit limited in your ability to customize your blog.


Blogger is run and hosted by Google. In my previous experience with it, it is not as user friendly as WordPress. You have more freedom when it comes to customizing your blog, even being able to directly make changes to the coding. However it is not as popular of a blogging platform as WordPress so if you decide one day to move off of Google’s hosting, you may run into some headaches. From a pricing perspective, Blogger is free all around, no attempts to up-sell you.


Weebly is a pretty solid option as well.  Although we don’t have any direct experience using Weebly, there is a huge amount of beautiful themes to choose from. The reason we would say WordPress beats out Weebly is for future considerations for your blog. If your goals are for this blog to simply be a fun project and not something you’re looking to grow substantially, then Weebly would be a perfectly fine choice!


For a Makeup Blog we really don’t think Tumblr is a good match. Unless you’re only doing this as purely a fun project, then Tumblr is just a bit too boxed in to really be what you want to use. Might be good to put yourself in a position that if you change your goals around the blog that the platform you are on can accommodate any direction you decide to take it. For that reason, Tumblr is definitely not a good choice in our opinion.


Our super duper recommendation is to go with, as you are starting your blog you also instantly get access to the rest of the community which has tons of other beauty bloggers. You can use this network to drive some of that initial traffic and build a community around your content! We will include an additional post about what specific steps you need to take to get noticed in the WordPress Blog Reader!

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