Starting Your Own Makeup Blog | Domain Names & Basic Hosting

If you started out following the advice of our Getting Started (Frugal Edition), at some point you may want to establish the site by getting your own custom domain name and moving to the lowest tier of hosting. Let’s begin by looking at’s pricing schedule:

Now we want to stress something important, the only real option here is whether to move from Free Tier to Personal Tier. In our opinion there is absolutely no reason someone should purchase a tier above Personal. The price being paid for these higher tiers is outrageous when you can get even more features for a fraction of the price. So then you say, well Kenn, if the higher tier’s are overpriced, isn’t the Personal Tier? To be honest, it is overpriced as well but it is a price we believe may be worth paying.

So why move to the Personal Tier? Here is our reasons:

  • Easy to establish your custom domain name
  • Removes the ads from the site
  • Some pretty decent features from Jetpack
  • Extremely easy to transition to if you started at the Free Tier

The main draw here is that if you want to get your feet wet it is a very low one-time investment into having your own custom domain and really establishing the site as being legit.

What’s the big deal with having your own domain?

Being on the sub-domain pretty much excludes you from appearing in indexing from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. Now sure, you may be able to draw some traffic but you will be completely dwarfed by established sites. By owning a legitimate domain you can at least give your site a chance at ranking well on searches.

How do I get a domain?

Buying a domain is incredibly easy and there are tons of options available to you. Most of these companies that allow you to buy domains all provide near identical services and nearly identical prices so I wouldn’t stress too much over it. If you want to support Makeup FOMO you can use United Domains – they are a pretty solid company located in the US with an available support team if you have any issues. Once you purchase the domain follow the support articles from WordPress on how to connect your domain to

With this setup you are basically looking at ~$35/year for to host your website, and ~about $5-12/year for your domain. That’s a pretty reasonable investment, and if you follow our guides on accessing affiliate programs, it’s very likely you can make that investment back quickly.

Let us know if you have any questions below or if there are any other topics you want us to discuss!


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