Violet Voss: Taupe Notch


Announcing the next amazing brand coming to Sephora: Violet Voss! How exciting is that?! VV is the latest brand that you’ll be able to find in your local Sephora (in stores & online) on Tuesday, 10.24! They are celebrating this monumental day by launching their NEW Taupe Notch Eyeshadow Palette @ Sephora and Cult Beauty on the same day! The palette will be $45 and contain 20 shades.


We totally do not want to bash this baby as we are soooooo excited for Violet Voss to be launching in Sephora (we seriously love when brands hustle until they make it into a big box retailer. That is success. That is a girl boss). But this palette just does not get us excited even a little. I mean, I know y’all must be feeling the same way, right?! It’s just soooooo dang plain! Here’s our thoughts: Morphe also launched a new palette yesterday in celebration of being carried in Ulta (aka VV is doing the exact same thing) but the Morphe palette was SO PLAIN, TOO! Like, just a big series of browns and tans and shades we have seen one million times (aka VV is doing the exact same thing). So maybe these brands just play it safe and stick to the basics for their first new launch with their newest retailer??? We aren’t sure but we aren’t stoked. The Taupe Notch (we adore that name so much, BTW) retails for $45 while the Morphe palette was only $12 – but guess what?? NEITHER are worth the money, no matter how cheap OR expensive because we just already have a million palettes that look like this. To make heads turn nowadays, brands have got to really knock it out of the park, am I right?! Unfortunately, this is not that for us. But maybe it is for you?? Let us know!



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