Farsali: Jelly Beam Highlighter

The notorious innovators that brought us the Unicorn drops, Farsaliis now releasing another super exciting NEW innovation – check out their Jelly Beam highlighter launching on Wednesday, 11.01! This new highlighter is special because it’s NOT a liquid, cream or powder… it’s JELLY! What?! Let us explain.


You already know Farsali loves coming hitting us with something we’ve never see – or felt – before. They totally took over social media with the Unicorn Essence drops, remember those?! I think this new release might be giving the unicorn tears a run for their money! The super unique jelly formula of the Jelly Beam highlighter is the result of Farsali’s newest skincare concoction. It’s created to keep your skin moisturized AND protected while providing the POPPIN’ glow! The shade, called Glazed, applies as a light, iridescent gold in a wet-satin shimmery finish. But guys, it’s more than just a highlighter – this can be used as that, though, on the cheekbones OR mixed into foundation OR as an eyeshadow OR as a lip topper OR on the body, like shoulder and collarbones for that real gleam! Though the formula goes on like jelly, it sets down to a powder finish (which is super trip and we REALLY need to get our hands on this so we can play with it!) Doesn’t this product just sound fun?! What it also sounds like is, yesssssssss you guessed it, EXPENSIVE! We haven’t heard what it will retail for, but if the Unicorn Essence at $54 (a similarish type of skincare product) is any indication, we can all prepare to drop a pretty penny on this pretty jelly.

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