e.l.f X Alissa Ashley Nude Rose Lip Gloss

e.l.f. Cosmetics is hitting us with another awesome NEW collab (check out the last one with Heart Defensor!) This time they teamed up with the beautiful Alissa Ashley to create a Nude Rose Lip Gloss set to drop on Tuesday, 10.24! The lip gloss will retail for $6 which is obv a steal, like all things from e.l.f.!

The only thing we love more than nude lippies is rose gold – this is BOTH! Could it be more perfect?! We love the shade but we might love the e.l.f. lip gloss formula even more! It’s got just the right amount of pigmentation (not too opaque where it totally overpowers the lip shade beneath but not so sheer that it can barely be seen on your bare lips) and these babies are SO CREAMY! Ahhh! They feel super comfy on the lips without that sticky feeling we can’t stand. We are also SOOOOOO excited for Alissa! Her channel is seriously blowing up (almost 800,000 subscribers!) and she SLAYS the makeup game. Plus, how many babes can truly rock that hairstyle the way she does?! Like, none! We dig it and we dig this gloss. Are you trying to get your lips, I mean hands, on this, too?!

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