Jouer: Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation

After eyeshadow palettes, foundation is our next favorite obsession. We LOVE investigating new ones! This is no exception: Jouer Cosmetics is launching a new line – their Essential High Coverage Crème Foundations – on  Wednesday, 10.18! The foundations are intended to be super hydrating while providing a high coverage, airbrushed, matte finish. They will retail for $38. The release also comes with an Essential Precision Foundation Brush ($24) consisting of 80,000 cruelty free synthetic bristles (which we are a huge fan of!)



This new line is part of Jouer’s fall 2017 launch – and we are FALLING for how amazing this foundation sounds! I mean, they had us at “high coverage”, am I right?! The crazy coverage is the result of a super concentrated formula that is not only full of pigmentation but also Hyaluronic Acid which is key for long lasting hydration! However, the matte finish and oil free formula may lend this one to being more suitable for those with oily skin. The line is only launching initially with 17 shades – and yes, we said only. Why? Once upon a time, this may have seemed like an incredible range for a new launch. But, as you totally probably know because you’re makeup junkies like us, Fenty Beauty changed the game & the public expectation. Seventeen seems to pale in comparison to 40, am I right?!

The brush (featured in the first image above) seems to be Artis inspired – you know, the kinds your husband or boyfriend would mistake for a hair brush?? However, it is slightly innovative with it’s tear drop shape – it’s actually quite brilliant in design! That pointed edge will be PERFECT for blending out product on those tough nooks and crannies like under the eyes and around the temples and between the brows. It was created specially for use with the new foundation (of course they’re going to say that, right??) and will retail for $24.

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