Bad Habit: Aphrodite Palette

GUYS! This palette is absolutely TO.DIE.FOR! Meet the Aphrodite Palette by Bad HabitHaven’t heard of this brand before?! Neither had we! Until we found out that they created this beauty – a clear dupe/imitation/replica/WhateverYouWantToCallIt for the  Huda Beauty Desert Dusk PaletteNow, I don’t have the Huda palette so I can’t personally compare it much other than to note that this one definitely has a different shade layout and format but, otherwise, has totally super similar vibes! I don’t get to say this much so listen up: I actually find this palette to be super unique! The shade selection isn’t like every other palette we’ve seen lately (aka it’s not ALL warm tones) and the color scheme is soooooo cohesive! The POP of pink in Flirt and that burnt red in Lust are, naturally, where my eyes went first. But once they were there, they continued to wander…

The video review/demo/tutorial I did on this palette is here for your viewing pleasure if you’d like to see this baby in action but, clearly I’ve spoiled the surprise: I LOVE THIS PALETTE. I seriously haven’t been this head over boots for a palette is quite some time and I think I might know why – because, honestly, I had pretty love expectations. This palette is $10…. yep. That’s it. So, naturally, I really didn’t have the highest hopes. Plus, the Desert Dusk Palette didn’t really knock my socks off the few times I’d see it so it’s not like I’d been fiending for that palette but settled for this one. I just kinda picked it up on a whim to give it a go. My thought: if it ended up sucking, at least it was only $10 in the tank rather than the freaking sixty-something the Huda original cost.

So let’s talk formula – The mattes are true mattes and blend like a dream. Seriously, you don’t have to do like, any work to make these blend seamlessly into one another. The shimmers go beyond shimmer – they verge on metallic. I haven’t tried them wet (ain’t nobody got time for that) but if you do, I know they would be out of this world. All of the shades apply with full pigment (not so much that they’re hard to work with but certainly far from sheer) and they last on the eyes all day long. I couldn’t freaking put this palette down for days because every time I finished a look, I was already thinking about which shades I wanted to pair to create my look for the next day. I can truly say this inspired me. I was inspired to try new color combinations and get a little bold with the pink and red and mix and match the shimmers and just PLAY! That’s what makeup’s all about after all, isn’t it?? By now, I’ve used every shade in here and come up with countless looks. I can still think of more that I haven’t done yet that I want to. It’s just that versatile.

And I know not everyone cares a ton about the mirror but guys, this mirror is LEGIT! It’s huge and pristine quality. You could totally lean this against something if you were in a pinch and do your entire face of makeup in this mirror. But beyond that, the packaging overall is superb. You know when something just kind of has a weight to it that makes it feel just, well, good? This has that. Despite that $10 price tag, no one skimped on the quality of the packaging here. It is cardboard like, very very similar to the way the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palettes are (thick top layer to hold the mirror and thick bottom layer to hold the pans of product with a very secure magnetic closure). Like it said, it’s solid. It has weight to it. It even comes in a little cardboard sleeve (that looks identical to the front of the palette itself) to slide it into when not in use to protect the palette itself. Isn’t that a nice touch?! I mean, even the design of the outer packaging is cute! We dig the matte black (obv) and the geometric design it’s got going on. It’s simple and it’s sleek. In my opinion, it doesn’t look cheap AT ALL. I keep saying, if you handed me this and told me it was a new brand at Sephora that retailed for $40, I would 100% believe you. I truly do NOT know how they do it. How can they make something with this level of quality all around (from formula to pigmentation to blendability to packaging) for $10?! Kinda makes me wonder why we pay $50 for palettes from high-end brands when, clearly, the same quality shadows can be made for such a small fraction of that cost. But that’s a pondering for another time…

As you can tell, I’m crazy for this palette! It’s out of stock on (which I’m pretty sure is the only place you get can this) like, all the time, but it does restock so keep your eyes out. I’m telling you, if these are your shades/tones, this is the palette for you! Your wallet won’t be mad at you. You can thank me later.


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