Huda Beauty: Winter Solstice Highlighter

We’re not gonna feign excitement for this one so we’re just gonna lay out the deets: Huda Beauty is launching a NEW 3D Highlighter Palette Winter Solstice Edition, on Friday, 10.27! (Yes, another highlighter palette…) This new palette will feature four new highlighter shades and will retail for $45 (yikes!) The shades in the palette include Frosted Kiss (a cream), Arctic Glow (a powder), Northern Lights (a powder), & Winter Rose (a powder)! Some super lucky ladies were able to get their hands on this early from Sephora! How? We do not know but we’re thinking they’re likely employees that snagged the first shipment! Jealous?? Well, thanks to @sonitamaan, we all get an early glimpse at some swatches.

We will say one thing – the names are on POINT! We love how appropriate they are for a Winter Solstice theme! However, that’s kinda where our appreciation for anything about this palette ends. I just can’t find much else that’s awesome about this thing; the shades are NOT wearable AT ALL. They look okay in the pan but once swatches, it becomes clear these will not work for fair skin tones whatsoever and likely will be tough even for deeper skinned peeps. Also, why is it $45?! The price point is not fitting for something of this nature (and this weird color scheme) in my opinion. And why is there one random cream amongst all of the powder products?? You KNOW those powders are going to make their way into the cream formula and get stuck there. Watch. And lastly, aren’t we past this highlighter palette thing?! At least for a little while?? It’s all been done before. The hype for these have run their course. Let’s all accept that and keep it movin’.

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