BH Cosmetics: Studio Pro Ultimate Artistry Eyeshadow Palette

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Ultimate Artistry Eyeshadow Palette.png

You were just staring at that pic for like, a long time, huh? We don’t blame you, us too! BH Cosmetics is launching a new MASSIVE eyeshadow palette! On Thursday, 10.12 the new Studio Pro Ultimate Artistry Eyeshadow Palette is being released. The palette will feature 42 shades for $19.99! WOW! That is a crazy price point! But we come to know and LOVE that about BH. The shades range from new formulated metallics to creamy mattes to soft shimmers & even duochromes! As a whole, this palette is clearly meant to serve sooooo many purposes.

My first thought at initial glance at this palette was a lack of cohesion – the shades look kind of randomly chosen, right?! There clearly isn’t any specific theme or color scheme underlying here which, I think, we have gotten a bit accustomed to and have also come to appreciate. This one just took be aback a bit – am I crazy?! After a bit more investigation, though, I think the color selection here really is stunning. Specifically, the teal in the first row, the deep aqua at the end of the second row and the Christmas tree green on the bottom have sucked me in! Ahhhh! I think what might be throwing me (and maybe you?) off the the way the shades were arranged in the palette. Perhaps some other order or layout could have helped this look a bit less random. Ultimately, though, we just want the product to be dope and we know from experience that BH does NOT disappoint when it comes to quality so we expect this one to go there, too. Are these types of palettes/shades up your alley?? Let us know what you think!


BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Ultimate Artistry Eyeshadow Palette 2.png



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