Nabla: Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette

Nabla Cosmetics is launching their new Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette on Wednesday 10.18! The palette includes 12 highly pigmented shades to make alllllllll of your dreams come true in Immaculate, Illusion, Vanitas, Delirium, Byzantine, Sistina, Metal Cupid, Inception, Senorita, Rose Gold, Lullaby, & Dogma.

This palette is all of the cool, mauvey shades that we actually do dream about (I’m not the only one that has vivid ass dreams about makeup right…?) Purples are SO in right now (ahem, Kylie reminded us of that with her recent release) but this palette does it in its own unique way! While Delirium, Inception Lullaby are gorgeous shades of mauve & purple, the variations of pink & coral in Sistina Señorita provide a twist we haven’t seen in any recent launches – this combo is going to be SICK! The gold and rose gold shade are going to send it out of the park, though. And just in case you were concerned, don’t be – Nabla is cruelty-free & vegan!

Nabla Cosmetics Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette 2.png

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