Juvia's Place: Saharan II Eyeshadow Palette


We don’t even know where to start… this one is just TOO GOOD! Juvia‘s Place is releasing a the NEW LIMITED EDITION Saharan II Eyeshadow Palette on Sunday, 10.15! The palette includes 9 beautiful new shades – 6 metallic and 3 matte shades. The sizes are the exact same as the Zulu Palette so, in other words, they’re MASSIVE. The price is also the same as the Zulu Palette ($17.50) ($21.50 – they recently bumped up the price) making the Saharan II a dang steal!


Juvias Place Saharan II Eyeshadow Palette 3


Per usual, we are speechless – Juvia’s Place is always doing that to us. This palette (which, BTW, bares NO resemblance to the original Saharan Palette, kinda weird) is absolutely gorgeous. We don’t know how JP continues to release such cohesive, unique palettes. Shades never repeat from palette to palette and each individual shade in the palette is something we feel like we haven’t seen before and definitely something we don’t already have in our collection anywhere – which is, of course, perfect justification for owning every.single Juvias’s Place palette… right?? Plus, with a price tag under $20, there’s no question. Justification isn’t even needed.



The first two rows in the palette contain the shimmery metallic shades while the final row has all of the mattes. With that said, this palette is very clearly light on mattes (we aren’t complaining though, we LOVE JP shimmers). Marakesh (the peachy shimmer shade) is going to be such a gorgeous fall accent shade along side Hadiya. But we all know our eyes are instantly drawn to the middle row – the stunning ocean blue, the special blackened burgundy and the smooth minty blue. AHHHHHH! That is serious makeup porn if I’ve ever seen it. They are ALL going to be perfect compliments to the super pigmented matte shades (Zohra is going to be everything in a smokey eye).



We were pleasantly surprised (read: we freaked the freak out) today, 10.7, to see Juvia’s listed the palette for PRE SALE!! It was unannounced but you knowwwww how we feel about Juvia’s palettes so you knowwwww we were stalking the site. Shipping starts on or before 10.20!! SO STOKED we don’t have to wait for weeks and weeks. And, of course, now neither do you because MakeupFOMO hooked you up (as we LOVE to do) to let you know so that you don’t miss out on launch day when it inevitably sells out. Cause it will. So we bought two. We suggest you do the same. Thank us later.



Juvias Place Saharan II Eyeshadow Palette

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