Laura Lee: Cats Pajamas

Another YouTuber with their own makeup line – how original, right?? If you haven’t heard (which you probably definitely have) Laura Lee is launching her NEW Cats Pajamas Eyeshadow Palette on Friday, 10.13! The palette will feature 10 shades for a whopping $40! YIKES! This is the first release from her makeup line called LauraLee Los Angeles.

We don’t want to come hard out the gate being downers but I’m certain we are not alone – this palette is not awesome. First of all, it’s expensive – $40 for 10 eyeshadows?! Not sure that is the bests approach for the FIRST launch of your FIRST product in your FIRST business. Secondly, the packaging is just SOOOOOOOO cliche. The exterior is a silver glitter with a very plain, standard logo that took no time, thought or effort to create. THe floral interior – huh?? What do flowers have to do with the cat’s pajamas?? And why are they encroaching on the mirror like that – FLOWERS, BYE! We need all the mirror room we can get! And you know we have got to address the eyeshadow shades.

Just no. I truly haven’t seen anything this drab and boring and so lacking in creativity in quite a while. There’s like, 3 total looks you can do with this palette. Sure, the names are kind of adorable but that’s where the brain-train stopped because no one put any further thought into the color scheme. It just seems as though no one really tried here. Do any of us NOT have EVERY SINGLE ONE of these colors already in our collection?? Anyone?! No hands.

Laura Lee Cats Pajamas Swatches

I will say, the swatches do look lovely so we are hoping, for the price, the quality is truly present so that for that that do choose to support Laura Lee and make a purchase, they will at least be getting what they pay for. But other than some decent color-payoff, we’re at a slight loss as to anything further to compliment. We are SO SORRY this was a mostly negative review but we just HAVE TO keep it real with our FOMOfam! What do you guys think?! Let us know and be totally honest! No shame in the shaming game!



Laura Lee Cats Pajamas Eyeshadow Palette

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