Anastasia Beverly Hills: Radiant & Gradient Blush Kits | First Look + Swatches

You may be thinking you’re having deja vu but we promise, you’re not! The newest release from Anastasia Beverly Hills might look familiar at first but this is something BRAND NEW! ABH is releasing Radiant & Gradient Blush Kits on Monday, 10.02! The Blush Kits will be $30 each and include 4 shades (which is actually a pretty good value).



Anastasia Beverly Hills Radiant and Gradient Blush Kits 2


We know what you’re thinking – the Gradient Blush Kit is BOLD! It might seem that way, but peep that swatches below – this kit is STUNNING! We can truly say this shade selection is something we haven’t seen before (and considering how many blushes/blush palettes there are on the market, that’s saying something!) The shades in the Gradient kit are deeper and, in our opinion, WAY unique! Doesn’t it just basically yell “FALL” in your face?! I can totally see these being used as eyeshadows, too, for a super sultry fall eye! The Radiant Blush Kit is a bit more of your standard selection of blush shades but gorgeous nonetheless. It contains a perfect array of warm, orangey tones mixed with cool pinks. What they clearly have in common, though, is the pigmentation! We are SO excited to see something so different from ABH – what will they do next?!




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