Fenty Beauty: Galaxy Collection | First Look

Bad gal Riri ain’t wastin NO time! Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is releasing their second big launch (a follow up from their initial launch) called the Galaxy Collection on Friday 10.13! But don’t get spooked – although its on Friday the 13th of October, we doubt this will have any double trouble since the initial launch was so wildly successful! This holiday collection comes with 4 Starlit Hyper Glitz Lipsticks, 4 Lip Glosses, 3 Liquid Eyeliners, & an Eyeshadow Palette. The collection will be available both on Fenty’s own website & Sephora.

Fenty Beauty Holiday Galaxy Collection 2017

So yeah, the products are going to be sweet but we MUST discuss the packaging first. The purple holographic on everything has got us feeling some type of way. Especially because it is so vastly different from the sleek, simple packaging of the rest of Fenty’s traditional line! The Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipsticks may be one of the most exciting items in the collection simply because they are the first lipsticks the brand has launched AND because the packaging is so freaking BOMB! Sophisticated, yet edgy. Plus the shades are super random in the best way possible.

Fenty Beauty Holiday Galaxy Collection 2017 Swatches 2

Arguably, the true show stopper is the Eyeshadow Palette – everyone has been waiting to see what the first ever Fenty palette would debut as. Is it just me or are we slightly disappointed?? I mean, why so many colors and why ALL SHIMMER?! I suppose it’s appropriate for a “Holiday 2017” launch, but it just doesn’t get me excited, like, at all. It’s a far cry from wearable and falls short of unique. We aren’t sure of pricing yet, but it’s pretty safe to say this is going to cost more than it’s worth. As excited as we are about Fenty, we are thinking this is a definite pass.



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