Pat McGrath: Mothership Palettes

Feast your EYES!Pat McGrathis releasing three new Mothership Palettes on Thursday, 9.28! Now – like most Pat McGrath products – these babies are expensive. Like, VERY expensive – coming in at $125 a pop! For 10 shadows! GEEZ! That’s $12.50 per pan. Kinda outrageous, right?! Even Natasha Denona cuts us a little more slack than that (her palettes average around $129 for 15 shadows which is less than $9 per pan). The three palettes are called Mothership I: Subliminal Palette, Mothership II: Sublime Palette, & Mothership III: Subversive Palette. The palettes will be released on Pat McGraths own website first, and then at Sephora on October 6th.

She’s calling this a “New Unlimited Edition Collection” but we aren’t sure if that means they ARE limited edition or if they are unlimited and, therefore, NOT limited? It’s a bit confusing to say the least. The palettes will also launch with 40 LuxeTrance Lipstick shades ($38 each), 11 shades of their Lipliner ($25 each), 5 shades of their Eyeliner ($25 each), a Mascara and Lipkits ($50 each). But it’s the palettes that are CLEARLY stealing the show! The external packaging of the palettes is kind of insane (check them out below). They have a graphic that makes them appear to close like those old-fashioned file folders and some super intense, retro luxe images of stunning makeup looks. The Sublime Palette is more earthy toned, with lots of golds and greens and browns which the Subversive Palette is more of a party-time palette, featuring pinks and purples and LOTS of shimmer (this palette seriously gives me New Years vibes, am I right?!) and, lastly, the Subliminal Palette is a bit more neutral with its midtoned browns, soft shimmers and one fun pop of blue! But despite the absolute beauty these palettes truly are, we cannot justify this price tag. It is just UNREAL. To me, there is no eyeshadow palette worth a three digit price tag unless it applies itself to my eyelids every morning BEFORE I wake up and then brings me bacon cheese fries thereafter.


Pat Mcgrath Mothership 2 eyeshadow palette 2

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