LA Girl: PROBrush Collection | First Look + Details

LA Girl Cosmetics PROBrush Collection 2

A FIRST from LA Girl Cosmetics – YAY! They are releasing their new PROBrush Collection on Thursday, 9.21! The collection will include 12 face brushes, 8 eye brushes & 1 lip brush! That is a perfect, complete set! LA Girl as a whole is certified cruelty free so you know no fur babies were harmed in the making of these beauties! The handles are made of authentic birch wood from sustainable forests! SO COOL!

LA Girl Cosmetics PROBrush Collection 4

Like we said, this set is LOADED! If you are just starting out wth makeup or just need to revamp your brush collection, this is your sign – do it! The set features EVERY face brush you could ever need (including a few types of stippling brushes, a blush brush, a foundation brush & a selection of bronzer/contour and powder brushes) as well as an ideal assortment of eye brushes (including shader size brushes, a few blending brushes and liner brushes). The lip brush is definitely a little added bonus.

Not only are these super beautiful & high end looking, but they’re also made with super high quality products! But you know the very best part, right? They’re going to be a freaking STEAL – that’s what we can’t resist about L.A. Girl. They hit us with incredible products at a low, lovable price tag! What’s not to love?! L.A. Girl is carried at Ulta but these aren’t launching there YET! But we’ve got our eyes out!


LA Girl Cosmetics PROBrush Collection 5

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