Tom Ford: Boys & Girls Lippies | First Look

Tom Ford Beauty Boys and Girls Lipsticks 3.png

This might seriously be the biggest collection release in 2017 – possibly ever! Tom Ford is releasing a massive lipstick collection called Boys & Girls on Friday 9.15! Brace yourself for this… but this collection consists of 100 new mini lipstick shades, broken down into 50 Boys shades & 50 Girls shades. Yeah, I know. I TOLD YOU! A freaking hundred new shades in a single launch. Insane.

We still can’t believe it – the line will include multiple different textures & finishes and, obviously, a TON of shades! The line will range from simple & neutral all the way to bold & outlandish, plus everything in between. The mini size is also SO.FREAKING.CUTE! It is perfect for your clutch! The only hang up we already know we are going to have – the price. We don’t know for sure, but it looks as though these are going to retail for $36. This might not seem outrageous for your standard Tom Ford lippie but for a mini with like, a third of the amount of product in it? Uh uh. We are suuuuuuper impressed with this massive launch but we are hesitant to see what the price tag will be. Once we know, so will you! Just stay tuned!


Tom Ford Beauty Boys and Girls Lipsticks

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