How to INSTANTLY Access Hundreds of Affiliate Programs!


CALLING ALL MAKEUP/BEAUTY BLOGGERS!! As a follow up to our list of the many many many Makeup/Beauty related affiliate programs there are to take advantage of, we wanted to take a minute to post a quick guide on how to quickly and easily access many of these programs so you can start monetizing your great writing!

The key to this is a service called VigLink. Their main claim to fame is that they provide an automated affiliate link creator. Now that might sound confusing but basically what it does is it sits in the background of your website and scans any and all links you may post to see if there are opportunities to add affiliate links. If it finds, for example, a link to then it will swap out the regular link with an affiliate link! VigLink does this by having pre-established affiliates with thousands of companies (often at better commission rates than normal).


Pretty neat stuff! But this awesome feature may not be a perfect fit for us Beauty Bloggers because we want to have better control of when we affiliate link (and for many of us this would be too hard or simply not possible to implement). Don’t you worry though, we’ve got the solution!

How to affiliate with hundreds of Company’s quickly!

1. Sign up for VigLink.


Simple enough, CLICK HERE, and follow the directions for signing up as a publisher.

2. Add your Campaign


Go to the top tap under Manage -> Account. Click the button “Add A Campaign”

viglink campaign

3. Find company you want to create affiliate link for.


Go to the Merchants tab and start browsing! Here’s a list of 30 makeup brands to get you started, however there are many many more!

  1. All Beauty
  2. Avon
  3. Beauty Bakerie
  4. Beauty Encounter
  5. Beauty Trends
  6. Benefit
  7. BH Cosmetics
  8. Black Opal
  9. Blissworld
  10. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
  11. Carols Daughter
  12. Cult Beauty
  13. Deco Miami Cosmetics
  14. Elizabeth Arden
  15. e.l.f.
  16. Fabriah
  17. Fountain Cosmetics
  18. Giorgio Armani Beauty
  19. Harrods
  20. Johnny Concert
  21. Marc Jacobs
  22. Sally Beauty
  23. Sephora
  24. Sigma Beauty
  25. Stila cosmetics
  26. Tatcha
  27. Ulta
  28. Urban Decay
  29. Void Beauty
  30. Zest Beauty

Once you find the one you are interested in, just click on it!

viglink ulta.png

This is what the merchant page will look link. Important things to note:

  • The green check mark shows that our Campaign is approved, it may sometimes say needs approval or not approved.
  • Countries Accepted – this shows which countries the affiliate will generate commission for.

4. Create the affiliate link!


Next you take the URL from the Ulta page you want to turn into an affiliate link and paste it into the “Check approval with Ulta Beauty” box and then click Check

Viglink ulta example

Next it will give you the Affiliated URL. This is your affiliate link! Now you can just click the Copy button and you are ready to go!

Finishing Thoughts


Overall we’ve had a great experience with VigLink. They do take a small cut of your commissions but in many cases it’s worth it since we small bloggers don’t get access to many affiliate programs otherwise. Another downside is that they pay net-60, which means that they send you the money on Paypal 60 days after the commission is registered. Also, don’t fret if sales are not showing up instantly, their dashboard can be kind of slow to show sales, but that mainly depends on which company that affiliate sale was for.

We hope this was helpful! Let us know what you thought and if we should do more of these posts in the future!

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