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Skin care junkies, be on HIGH ALERT – this one’s for you. OFRA is launching NEW Skincare Face Masks on Wednesday, 8.23 @ 10am PST/1pm EST! The launch will include 3 varieties (and each looks like it is going to be so fun to dip the finger in & apply. Does anyone else just LOVE creams in a jar?! It is so satisfying to just scoop it out and apply! Right? Like, I’m not alone on this, yeah? Mmkay, anyway…….)

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The lighter, minty green shade is the Revitalizing Clay Mask – this one brings skin back to life! It adds suppleness & elasticity to the skin with ingredients like Dead Sea minerals, which help to suuuuuuper deeply cleanse the skin of any gunk dulling it down and add back the balance & purity the skin needs to SHINE! It’s best for combination to dry skin & will retail for $25.

The deeper green mask is the Volcanic Clarifying Mask – you guessed it! This one is formulated with volcanic clay which is sooooooo skin loving! It helps to stimulate the skin while adding additional oxygen to make it super strong (too strong for blemishes!). Plus, ingredients like Hyalauronic Acid adds that super important hydration and vitamin C leaves the skin feeling refreshed and super soft! This will also retail for $25.

Lastly, and maybe the most enticing, is the bright white Brightening Mask – this one is made with Glycolic and Lactic acids that help to remove the dead skin cells that totally block the new, youthful, glowing ones that keep you looking for fresh! The acids also aid in diminishing the discoloration dead cells maintain to unveil instant luminosity. Again, $25.

Like, woah, right?! They sound freaking awesome! But is it just me, or is $32 for a jar of face mask a bit pricey?? I guess it depends on how effective they are, right? If they work wonders, you can’t put a price tag on clear skin, can you?? Who are my skin care junkies?? Do these look dope to you? Let us know!


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