SugarPill: Ghosted Eyeshadow/Highlighter

Sugar Pill Ghosted Eyeshadow Highlighter Swatches

OMG we are getting fall vibes rn! Sugar Pill is launching a cool NEW Ghosted Eyeshadow & Highlighter on Monday, 8.21! They are marketing this as a shade shifting powder that is super versatile & unique! It goes from white to silver to pink just like THAT!

Get it?? Shade shifting, like shape shifting?? Like a ghost? Mmmmm, we are so thinking about Halloween now and we are NOT hating it!

Sugar Pill Ghosted Eyeshadow Highlighter 2

This is sort of giving us  “Cube” vibes from the new Subculture Palette by ABH but this is a loose powder! Sugarpill describes it as an “iridescent white to violet shade shifter with a luminous blend of transparent red and pink sparkles”! That sounds heavenly! That is totally something we can see being used for a pop of shimmer on the lid or on the cheek bones for a super unique, hella bold highlight! One could even go so far as to dab it over a lipstick or lipgloss to add a metallic shift to their look. That is seriously versatile!


Sugar Pill Ghosted Eyeshadow Highlighter

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