KKW Beauty: Powder Contour & Highlight Kit

KKW Beauty Powder Contour.png

KKW Beauty is launching a follow up to her very successful first launch with a new Powder Contour & Highlight Kit on  Tuesday, 8.22! This release comes with three different shades in Light, Medium, & Dark/Deep Dark. They will retail for $52 each – yikes. The palettes feature two matte Contour Powders & two shimmer Highlighters. The kit wouldn’t be complete without the dual ended brush – which features an angled brush for contour and a rounded brush for the shimmer shade. Plus (to make it even more versatile) the brush heads are also interchangeable!

We LOVE the shade selection in each of these – every option includes a warm toned bronzer shade, a cool toned, ashier tone for contour. Each highlight shade is also varied enough from the other to allow for multiple options when adding the POP! We also totally dig the MASSIVE mirror that this comes with (we are so obsessed with palettes with mirrors, whyyyyyy). But I have a bone to pick with the price – $52 for a highlight and contour palette?! No way. We have seen this literal exact thing launch from how many brands?! Like, too many to even count. And now we get hit with an incredibly over-priced, relatively unoriginal, late-to-the-game product? I can’t get down with that. Yes, these are lovely and I’m sure they’ll be pretty on the skin, but I doubt this is anything show stopping and worth running out to drop a pretty penny on. Is that harsh?? Let me know what you think!


KKW Beauty Powder Contour and highlight kit

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