elf: New Shimmer Highlighting Powders & Beautifully Precise Tapered Highlighting Brush

elf New Shimmer Highlighting Powders Topaz Glow & Pearl Glow.png

Sometimes we don’t get any lead time on new releases, we just get totally surprised! And, honestly, we sometimes LOVE that! elf Cosmetics is the leader in unannounced launches – we have come to accept & kind of admire that! But today, we were THRILLED to see that they released two new shades of their Shimmer Highlighting Powders! The new shades are Topaz Glow & Pearl Glow which each retail for just $6! What a freaking STEAL! They also dropped their Beautifully Precise Tapered Highlighting Brush to go along with the new powders! This one retails for $8.


Topaz Glow is a warm, coppery peach tone while Pearl Glow is that literally PERFECT pinky, frosty champagne tone that flatters everyone! The microfine shimmer particles on these blur texture that most highlighters actually draw attention to in order to create the perfect, soft-focus effect (plus the lovely NEW Tapered Highlighting Brush is sure to apply these lightly – yet effectively – in just the right areas of your cheekbones for that flawless finish and poppin’ glow. The shape & density are ideal for highlight application). These come in that super sleek packaging that we know & LOVE elf for – they even have mirrors in the lid! Our fav little perk! This line also includes 3 existing shades in various tones of bronze that are also freaking stunning! No matter which one you choose, you’re seriously sure to make a perfect choice.


5 thoughts on “elf: New Shimmer Highlighting Powders & Beautifully Precise Tapered Highlighting Brush

  1. Pearl glow looks stunning! I can’t wait to try it out! Xoxo

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  2. Wow elf is stepping up their game!

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