Sephora X Moschino Collection

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No, you’re not having deja vu – Sephora is releasing their collab with Moschino on Friday, 8.18! The collection was supposed to be released on 8.11, but it has since been delayed for another week! BUMMER. The collection comes with the Bear Eyeshadow Palette  (which includes 21 different shades and finishes) for $48, the Bear Lipgloss Chain with 6 glosses for $32, the Bear Highlighter for $22, the 5-piece Bear Brush Set for $54, the Shopping Bag mini palette for $18, the Bear Eye Mask for $20 & the Bear Compact Mirror for $26 as well as a perfume.

Sephora X Moschino Collection Bear Eyeshadow Palette

Obviously, this collection is more about the packing than the products inside & I think the prices truly reflect that – this is expensive stuff! Since the initial announcement, many prices have changed (most of the WENT UP since then), making this even pricier than many of us may have expected. Though these types of collections aren’t up my alley per say, I can definitely see these being a true collectors dream! Especially if you love Machino or just bears in general.

Most of the packaging, though freaking ADORABLE, is quite bulky & slightly impractical (like that huge bear eyeshadow palette?). But I am kind of into these brushes! Like I said, totally bulky and impractical (like, those are NOT going to fit into my current brush holder, especially not with all of my other brushes in it), but they are so cute! I love the idea of this. I guess it’s a nice change from all of the unicorn brush handles we’ve been seeing lately, huh??

Moschino X Sephora

If you’re interested in the ENTIRE collection, it’s going to run you about $220 (not including the perfume). We aren’t sure as to the reason for the delay – some are saying it’s the classic marketing tactic of trying to build up the hype by making it seem extra hard to get, other have said it’s because Sephora employees have a 50% discount on Sephora collection items and have already bought it out (I really doubt this one), and more still have said that it was just false advertising. In any case, it seems customers are pretty peeved about the delay but will that change whether you make the purchase or not?! Give us your feedback, we’d love to hear!


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