Storybook: The Quill & Ink Eyeliner

Storybook Cosmetics The Quill & Ink Eyeliner


Just when we think they couldn’t possibly come up with something more creative or adorable or irresistible (okay, we didn’t reallyyyyy think that), they out do themselves AGAIN! We’re talking about Storybook Cosmetics & they’re releasing their beautiful new The Quill & Ink Eyeliner on Monday, 8.14 at 12pm CT. Unfortunately, there isn’t much info available yet, but we know one thing: this is freaking insane. What an incredibly clever idea!! Storybook has really found their niche in the makeup game – they’ve totally run with their theme & have truly found a way to stand out among the hundreds of indie (and mainstream) makeup brands! They’ve seriously made a name for themselves & this is a perfect testament to that!

It looks as though the quill is made of metal (not plastic) but it’s hard to tell. The pot of liner is so intricately designed, down to the smallest details. We just LOVE that! We also aren’t sure how/if they are selling the liner refills, either, yet. But once we know more, so will you! The only bone we sort of have to pick is the price tag – $39. Like, what?? For a gel eyeliner?! We totally get it, you have to pay for all of that packaging but nevertheless, that is incredibly steep. Is it that adorable?? I’m not sure…. Keep in mind, if you do end up purchasing on Monday that you will need to allow 2 weeks for items to begin to ship due to the high demand they anticipate. Another possibly con? Maybe. If it does’t even begin to ship for two weeks, you may not even see the product in hand for almost a month. But something this special might be worth the wait! Do you think so? Let us know!


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