Milk Makeup: Blur Liquid Matte Foundation

Let’s just start by addressing how much I love that this company is named after cereal’s best friend. What a brilliant idea. Anyway, about a week and a half ago (on July 24th) Milk Makeup dropped an EPIC launch of their first ever foundation, the Blur Liquid Matte Foundation! We lucked out & got out hands on it right away thanks to Milk Makeup & Influenster! I just got a chance to try it out (because my sun burn faded so I’m no longer a unnatural tone of skin and the darker shade I received actually matches me now) and I FELL IN LOVE! Before continuing on, just note that though I was sent these complimentary products for testing purposes, that in NO WAY NO HOW affects my thoughts of them. We keep it real @ MakeupFOMO, you already know!

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 8.57.00 PM

THIS IS THE FOUNDATION- for real, it checks all the boxes. I used the shade golden light here in this photo and it was PERFECT for me this time of year (but there are 16 total shades! NICE). It applied SO NICELY & it certainly lives up to the full coverage claim but without looking that way. It didn’t appear or feel heavy or cakey at all (wait for it, but I used the Dab + Blend applicator and OMG these two were made for each other! Literally and figuratively. More on that below)

The formula of this foundation is made with the same blurring microsphere technology as the Blur Stick and Blur Spray, giving it that super weightless feel (mostly because it’s oil-free & silicone-free) I have a few blemishes right now that are super dry and on their way out but this didn’t cling to the dry areas – no, no, GIRL. It just laid nicely over those zits and covered them right up – just what I needed! Totally blurred them out (get it? #thatblurtho) I wouldn’t say this is super duper extra matte, but it’s not dewy at all either. It’s probably on the matte side of a satin matte type finish. I have normal to dry skin so I didn’t test this for the mattifying components, but by the way it didn’t break down on any area of my face for hours, I think it’s safe to say more oily skin would still totally love this! I wore it through an entire day of work and my makeup look incredible all the way through to the end of the night. I was especiallyyyyyy impressed by how my blush, bronzer and highlight stayed in place and didn’t fade at all (I feel like that’s a true testament to the product it’s laying on top of). The only thing I noticed was that it rubbed off quite a bit underneath and around my nose (but all of my foundations do that) and it didn’t look suuuuuper awesome around my pores (not awful but it certainly didn’t make them look good, let’s just say that). But for what it did do for me (perfect shade match, excellent coverage and crazy longevity) I can totally look past all of those things. No one is perfect, ya know?! This product is incredible and totally worth giving a try if you LOVE full coverage. Even my one-eyed kitten Willie was stoked on it!

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Now for the applicator – let me start by saying, I went into this expecting the worst. I have the silisponge, used it like twice and never looked at it again. It was awful. This is everything that one is not – it’s seriously AMAZING! I have no idea how they did it but it applied the Blur Liquid Matte Foundation like a dream! It didn’t sit atop the skin like I expected but truly blended in for a natural look & a lightweight feel. And I barely used any product! I love that this will reduce the amount of product I use but also ensure I only apply just enough (no more cake face!) Plus it’s super girly and sparkly and adorable so who doesn’t love that?! If the silisponge ruined silicone sponges for you, NEVER FEAR! Try this & it will totally change your mind. And save you product & $$. It’s a win, win! #ThatBlurTho #contest


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